ion Learning is thrilled to join forces with CLS. We both deeply believe that education,
growth-oriented leadership, and strong peer networks are critical to transforming
cultures and advancing life-saving science. 

Join the next cohort of CLS members at various life sciences organizations to go through a
peer-learning experience covering the topic of emotional intelligence. 

Exclusive pricing for individual CLS members $98 (10% discount). 
*B2B annual subscriptions agreements of 100 licenses or more receive $30,000 incentive. Learn more here. 

Built for everyone

With ion Connect™, your license includes access to our flagship leadership development course, Applied EQ. 

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  • Click "Reserve Seat" and fill out the form to confirm participation.
  • You will be sent a calendar invitation for the Kick-Off event for Oct 11, 2023.
  • You will be placed into a group of 3-4 peers and together you become a team.    
  • You and your team will then begin the course, which starts with the first self-paced module and is followed by a peer-learning discussion session.

This is a 5-module program that will be completed between Oct 11 - Dec 18th. 

Each module will require a 2 hour investment of time:

  • 60-minutes of self-paced micro eLearning
  • 60-minutes of a live peer-learning group discussion

You must complete the eLearning content prior to your peer-learning group discussion.

 Course Timeline

Enrollment closes for this course on October 4, 2023. In order to enroll, you much click "Reserve Seat" and fill out the form. Upon completion, two things will occur next.

One, you will be sent a calendar invitation for the Kick-Off event on October 11, 2023. 

Two, you will receive an email from to create your profile.

Don't sign up if:
You have long PTO coming up or know that you can not commit the time to this course and your peer-learning group right now.

This program kicks off with a 60-minute session to introduce you to this transformational course led by ion Learning’s CEO, Shavon Lindley, and VP of Learning and Development, Dr. Paul Minifee.

At the end of the kick-off, you will receive your assignments for your peer-learning group and the course will officially begin. 

*If you cannot attend the Kick-Off live, there will be a recording made available for you. 

This course will run from OCT 11 -DEC 18th, 2023. 

Each module of this course you will alternate between completing one module of eLearning and you will have one peer-learning group discussion.  There will be a due date for each module.

*Please note:  You must complete the self-paced eLearning content prior to meeting with your peer-learning group.

Together you will learn, connect, and cross-train each other. If anyone doesn't do the eLearning or if you don't meet for a discussion, no ones move forward. This social reinforcement feature ensures everyone is held accountable to course completion. 

A certificate of completion will be available upon completion. 

Course Details



Applied EQ introduces the fundamental dimensions of Emotional Intelligence to talent at all levels.

Mastering these power skills will enable employees to identify and manage their own and others’ emotions in ways that optimize diverse teams’ performance, connection, and emotional health.

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Taught by Experts in Their Field

ion's instructors, mentors, and guides etch these topics into your long-term memory with engaging case studies and unique applications leveraging the head, heart, and hands model woven throughout every module.

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Dr. Reanna Ursin

Dr. Ursin is a lead facilitator at ion and the Executive Director of the Malone Schools Online Network. Dr. Ursin taught high school English at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia where she developed cross-dimensional professional learning programs. She has held facilitation roles in both the Student and Professional learning programs at Global Online Academy and currently consults for independent school teachers on developing cultural competency, building inclusive curricula, and advancing classroom equity. She holds a Ph.D in American Literature from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and a B.A. in English from Xavier University of Louisiana, where she was a Beinecke Scholar.

Dr. Paul Minifee, VP of Learning

Dr. Paul Minifee

Dr. Minifee is the VP of Learning and Development at ion. He writes courses and facilitates workshops on emotional intelligence, DEI, and leadership. He is a former Associate Professor at San Diego State University in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies, where he was a three-time recipient of Pi Beta Phi’s “Professor of the Year” award, the 2014 recipient of SDSU’s Teaching Excellence Award, and a 2019 finalist for the Senate’s Teaching Excellence Award.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On the course launch date, there will be a kick-off event where you will get to meet one of your instructors, learn about the new journey you are about to embark, and see how it all comes together on the ion platform. 

Every course on the ion platform operates within the ion framework of alternating micro eLearning content and small peer-learning group discussion sessions. We call these discussion sessions your “Peer Learning Group” or PLG for short! After completing approximately 60 minutes of self-paced eLearning content, you will meet with your PLG to discuss the course content and explore how to apply what you have learned in your personal and professional life.  

You must complete the eLearning content prior to your PLG session. 

There will also be assessments throughout the course to measure skill development, the impact on critical KPI's, and to collect feedback on what should come next.  

Every course you sign up for using ion, you are placed into a new diverse peer-learning group of 3-4 people. These placements are made at random. 

Did you know that research has shown that forming connections with peers early in your career tends to stimulate larger networks where you are highly sought out for your knowledge and expertise? Being sought out over time is strongly associated with faster promotion and longer tenure, particularly for women and people of color.  

Due to hybrid work, creating network connections has become more difficult. Participating in this course will help you foster these critical connections faster.  


1) I. Carboni, et al., Invisible Network Drivers of Women’s Success, Organ Dyn (2019), 10.1016/j.orgdyn.2019.100735 

2) Cross, et al., Cultivating an Inclusive Culture Through Personal Networks (2021) 


Each group will have a course dashboard that allows you to see peer-learning group (PLG) details. The platform automatically selects a lead facilitator for each module. Each module's lead facilitator is in charge of ensuring that their peer-group discussion session is scheduled and calendar invites are sent. 

Your PLG session will be held using your video conferencing tool of choice. 

Your PL
G must take place on or before the module due date AND after you and your group members have completed all the lessons in your current module. 

If anyone doesn't do the eLearning or if you don't meet for a peer-learning group discussion, no ones move forward. This social reinforcement feature ensures everyone is held accountable to course completion.  

In some cases, a member of your peer-learning group may be unresponsive, unable to participate in the program, on extended PTO, and/or leaving your organization. If you are having trouble connecting with a member of your group, please reach out to ion at so they can help! 

We will do our best to minimize group changes but do rearrange groups as needed up until the due date of the first Module. After that, we can remove unresponsive group members from your group but we will not add new members. 

You can also use ion's chat feature to get support as well. They are very helpful, and will respond quickly to any inquiry. 

Yes. At the completion of every course there will be a downloadable certificate of completion. You can then share this achievement on your resume, LinkedIn profile, or you can hang it on your wall.

The investment in ion's Inclusion 360° course is a strategic business initiative. ion's model of small group learning theory has proven to increase learning retention by over 63% compared to traditional training models. We will measuring changes in skill development as well as how participating in this course impacts organizational KPI's such as engagement and turnover intention.

We will be measuring both quantitative and qualitative data to see how collective changes in awareness impacts our teams.

We will be extracting your feedback from this experience to inform what comes next for Lilly.

Sample questions we will be collecting include, "Do you recommend others go through this program?" and "What other courses would you like to learn through ion's methodology of alternating learning and small group discussions?".

We will use these measurements and feedback mechanisms to provide you additional resources based on what we receive from you.

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