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With ion Connect™, your subscription includes access to our flagship leadership development course, Inclusion 360°. Simply continue your subscription to access any of our courses catered to your learning journey.


Inclusion 360°

Inclusion 360° will take you from being aware of your biases to becoming a change-agent for inclusion. This 6-module journey includes insights into the neuroscience of inclusion and gives you tools to put an inclusive culture into action. With topics ranging from Emotional Intelligence and Storytelling to Unconscious Bias, this course gives you a deep dive into inclusivity and belonging that transcends race, gender, sexual orientation or disability, and it helps you interact with others using an open mindset.

18 Micro eLearning Lessons (57 Minutes)

This module is about awareness of biases, blinds spots, and one’s identity. Specifically, who are you beyond titles and roles? This includes how you think you show up at work, how others view you, and how you want to be viewed and treated. All of these impacts your perceptions of others, and how we relate to management, peers, customers, and vendors.

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8 Micro Lessons (55 Minutes)

Mastering personal leadership is critical. Great leaders have high emotional intelligence, which helps them build successful relationships and successful teams. 

Brene Brown shares that A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential. This module will help shape the foundation for leading across differences.

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10 Micro Lessons (51 Minutes) 

What makes you unique? It’s your profile, position, and perspective and how they influence the way you show up and lead. Learn how your personal leadership journey has been impacted by the story of your family of origin, socio-economic background and every other facet of diversity. Build cultural intelligence to interpret communication, authentically connect better with others, and lead across difference.

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8 Micro Lessons (48 Minutes)

Knowing someone's story humanizes the workplace. Everyone has a story, but what is the impact of your story? Learn how to use stories to share your identity, navigate complex situations, and increase inclusion in the workplace.

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16 Micro Lessons (52 Minutes)

Change isn't easy for most, but it can be an opportunity for growth and unprecedented success. This module focuses on tools to change your behaviors, help others stretch their boundaries, and advocate for an inclusive environment. Practicing inclusion fosters a work environment where everyone is valued and respected, and their unique talents shine.

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16 Micro Lessons (41 Minutes)

This module is about putting all the modules to work. We focus on your personal accountability to being inclusive every day and how to inspire inclusive behaviors with management, peers, customers, and vendors.

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Upcoming Courses


Applied EQ 

Emotional Intelligence skills help you cultivate psychologically safe work relationships that
foster emotionally healthy environments.

3-month course

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CORE will instill the foundational leadership principles for next generation leaders.

3-month course


  • Inclusion 360°

    Inclusion 360° will take you from being aware of your biases to becoming a change-agent for inclusion.


  • Applied EQ


    Emotional Intelligence skills help you cultivate psychologically safe work relationships that
    foster emotionally healthy environments.


  • CORE

    CORE will instill the foundational leadership principles for next generation leaders.


Taught by Experts in Their Field

Our instructors, mentors, and guides etch these topics into your long-term memory with engaging case studies and unique applications leveraging the head, heart, and hands model woven throughout every module.

Shavon Lindley, CEO of ion Learning

Shavon Lindley

Shavon is the CEO and Co-Founder of ion, and a keynote speaker on topics like Disrupting Exclusionary Behavior. She hosted “The CEO Show” on ESPN Radio. There she interviewed over 150 executives and discovered how to blend her personal and professional life while growing in a career as an authentic and diverse leader. The skills developed inspired her to create leadership development and mentoring programs, Women Evolution and Inclusion 360°.


Dr. Paul Minifee

Dr. Minifee is a keynote speaker, VP of Learning at ion, and an Associate Professor at San Diego State University in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies at San Diego State University. His classes focus on the African American experience in social, religious, and political contexts and examine the intersections between public and private rhetorical identities and sacred and secular rhetorics. He is a three-time recipient of Pi Beta Phi's "Professor of the Year" award, the 2014 recipient of SDSU's Teaching Excellence Award, and a 2019 finalist for the Senate’s Teaching Excellence Award.

Dr. Reanna Ursin, Lead Facilitator at ion Learning

Dr. Reanna Ursin

Dr. Ursin is a lead facilitator at ion and the Executive Director of the Malone Schools Online Network. Dr. Ursin taught high school English at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia where she developed cross-dimensional professional learning programs. She has held facilitation roles in both the Student and Professional learning programs at Global Online Academy and currently consults for independent school teachers on developing cultural competency, building inclusive curricula, and advancing classroom equity. She holds a Ph.D in American Literature from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and a B.A. in English from Xavier University of Louisiana, where she was a Beinecke Scholar.

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Join over 9,500 alumni who have completed e-learning with ion.

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Our reach spans across 3 continents.

What Can You Expect

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Why Small Group Learning

Small groups enable behavior change through social support. When these groups are designed in such a way that people feel safe, they experience fewer feelings of isolation, alienation, blame, and stigma due to past mistakes.

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Measurable Growth

76% our learners report that they embed skills learned into their daily habits.

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Complete the course within a social peer-learning group which creates engagement and accountability.

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Build a Network

98% felt strongly that their peers demonstrated respect for them as an individual.

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Learn in the flow

80% of people say they like to learn in flow of work which means accessing a short pieces of learning content quickly and easily while you're working.

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Better Retention

64% of our learners retain more information from their small group sessions than if they completed the learnings on their own.

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For learners that need flexibility.

  • 3-month commitment
  • Continue subscription to access new courses
  • Learn with members at other organizations
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For learners ready to commit.

  • Annual commitment
  • Automatically enrolled in upcoming courses
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For organizations that need to scale learning.

  • 1-year commitment
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Peer learning has proven to be one of the most effective ways to grow and develop. Yet, it's been difficult to scale and implement. Not anymore.

ion Connect allows everyone from individuals, small businesses to global enterprises to experience the benefits of small group peer learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each course has a specific launch date and is designed to take 3 months complete.  Each module has a suggested due date to help you stay on track. You can extend your subscription if you need more time to complete the course work.

On the course launch date, there will be a virtual kick-off event where you will get to meet one of your instructors, learn about the new journey you are about to embark, and how ion Connect works.

Every course on the ion Connect platform operates within the ion framework of alternating micro eLearning content and small peer learning group discussion sessions. We call these discussion sessions your “Peer Learning Group” or PLG for short! After completing approximately 60 minutes of micro eLearning content, you will meet with your PLG to discuss the course content and explore how to apply what you have learned in your personal and professional life.  

Every course you signup for on ion, you are placed into a diverse peer learning group of 3-4 people. These people in your cohort have also subscribed from places around the US and from many different backgrounds and experiences. Using RITHM™, our diversity-focused algorithm, it will place you into your group based on an optimal amount of diversity. Every course you sign up for, you will be placed into a new Peer Learning Group to grow and expand your peer network. Did you know that research has shown that forming connections with peers early in your career tends to stimulate larger networks where you are highly sought out for your knowledge and expertise. Being sought out over time is strongly associated with faster promotion and longer tenure, particularly for women and people of color.  

Due to hybrid work, creating network connections has become more difficult. ion Connect™ will help you foster these critical connections faster.  


1) I. Carboni, et al., Invisible Network Drivers of Women’s Success, Organ Dyn (2019), 10.1016/j.orgdyn.2019.100735 

2) Cross, et al., Cultivating an Inclusive Culture Through Personal Networks (2021) 


Each group will have a course dashboard that allows you to see group member details. Connect via email or phone and work together to schedule your PLG sessions. You can use a platform like Doodle to help with scheduling.

Your PL
G will take place on or before the module deadline and after you and your group members have completed all the lessons in your current module. We suggest that each session is 1-hour using virtual meeting platform such as (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Teams, Facetime, etc.). 

Yes. Each course has an end date, as long as you complete all course work by the end of each courses due date, you will be able to download a certificate of completion. You can then share this achievement on your resume, LinkedIn profile, or you can hang it on your wall.

You are free to cancel after your first 3 months at any time. We know this is different than what you have experienced with other online eLearning companies, but platform invites you to work with others to complete the course. This commitment will help ensure your peer learning group members can count on each other to complete the course work, and you will gain the benefit of all that is taught. We promise you want regret it.

You will be billed starting the month of your first course launch. You will be billed the same day each month following. At the end of each course, you will be sent an email notification reminding you of subscription prior to the next course beginning.  you can always email for specific billing questions. 

Anyone is welcome to signup for ion connect. If you want to be placed into a group together we recommend learning more about our enterprise solutions geared towards company specific course work and grouping. Let's talk about that further.

Yes, of course. You can also ask for reimbursement by using your tuition reimbursement plan.

The most important thing we want to share with you is that we do not sell any information to any third parties as this is not something that we believe in or what to contribute to.

As part of our Services, we may collect demographic and other information about you. For example, when you complete a group matching survey or questionnaire, you may provide us with information about your gender, race, age, sexual identity, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, family status and size, as well as personality characteristics. Answers to placement surveys are anonymized and only used for general understanding of learner subscriptions to allow for maximum diversity.

More on ion's Privacy Policy

*We only share progress information with your employer if you have been signed up by your employer.

If you have more specific questions. Let’s answer them right away!