Research Report: Small diverse learning cohorts produce outsized results in behavior change, empathy, and trust

Due to the pandemic, companies are struggling to deliver effective training, nurture culture and create human connection. People leaders are frustrated with the low efficacy of one-time trainings (90% forgotten within 1 week) and eLearning (less than 5% curriculum engagement). 

Our study of diverse leaders unveils the impacts of small diverse learning cohorts on behavior change, empathy and trust, and empowering a new era for virtual and social onboarding, leadership development and diversity and inclusion. 

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What's Inside?


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The study reveals how small group learning drives behavior change for employees, teams, and companies. 

Small group learning is the foundation of high-trust, inclusive and innovative teams, and empowers them to deepen human connection and thrive in uncertainty.

Remote and distributed teams now have a powerful tool to drive behavior change and scale onboarding, leadership development and diversity inclusion efforts.