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Bite-sized, inclusion focused e-learning journeys designed by experts



Diverse peer groups promote inclusive collaboration and behavior change.



Step-by-step guidance to easily create, manage, and measure results

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We feel your frustrations.

You have limited time and resources and need to effectively scale your learning initiatives.

You have only witnessed learners grow within an in-person environment and are skeptical about experiencing results virtually.

You feel fatigued from all the technology systems required to launch one program effectively.

We felt the same way, too.
That's why we developed ion.

Let’s solve your most pressing problems.




Leadership is the top skill required for the future of work.

Your people are leaving because their managers are not equipped to help them realize their full impact. Learn how incorporating learning journeys that develop inclusive, purpose-led leaders will get your teams excited for work in the morning.

Diverse peer groups ignite productivity and creativity. 

Your ability to innovate in this economy is at risk because there isn’t enough diversity of thought on your teams. Learn how creating a collaborative space online for your diverse teams helps bring your best ideas forward so you can stay ahead.

Social learning develops lasting behavior change.

Creating an engaging online learning experience that sticks is hard. Learn how ion's virtual social learning platform creates the deep human connection you crave from in-person experiences and enables you to apply the skills learned in the flow of work.

ion Learning

is different.


Small groups encourage learners to keep track of each other’s progress and achieve 70% higher course completion rates.


Manageable time commitments include relatable and personal stories with video content.


Our proprietary algorithm measures over 16 aspects of diversity that ensure exposure to different points of view.


This program has given me the ‘a-ha’ moments and tools to become a more influential leader.”

Suzanne Harmon

Global Governance, Wal-Mart


I found ion Learning to be an outstanding methodology for learning. The ability to complete an online module, then come together with my team to discuss questions and experiences was extremely helpful in reinforcing the content and committing to changes in behavior."

Karen Settlemeyer

Director of Commercial L&D, Regeneron


I’m excited to have discovered ion; in the saturated marketplace of leadership development, it stands out as an enlightened perspective delivered with a truly engaging methodology."

Scott Ray

Manager of Learning, Spinx Company

Working with ion is as easy as…


Schedule a non-sales call.

Sales calls are the worst. We refuse to make them. We’ll just chat about what you need and what we do to determine if we're a match.


Customize your program.

Together we will create a customized learning journey for your needs, leveraging the ion catalog and framework, paired with any of your existing learning assets.


Engage your employees and evaluate results.

Witness how creating an environment where peers from all backgrounds feel safe to learn and fail reignites your culture and ensures insights are applied across the company.

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