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In 2022, Human Resources professionals are being challenged in ways like never before. The global pandemic has permanently altered the landscape of human resources, as we are confronted with unprecedented problems, both personally and professionally. Over the past two years, employers have had to rethink what employee well-being means to their organizations. Increasingly, employees are demanding work/life balance, accountability, and transparency in the workplace.  

In January 2022 as part of the Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator, ion Learning’s Shavon Lindley joined eight other industry leaders and innovators for a SHRM roundtable discussion on digital solutions that enhance employee well-being. The group discussed key insights, trends, and guidelines regarding how the pandemic has radically impacted the employee experience and the workplace.   

SHRM Labs published the findings on this Human Resources Innovators roundtable discussion. Here is where you can find the full report: Workplace Digital Solutions Enhancing Employees’ Well-Being.


Key HR insights from the SHRM report:

Work/life balance and flexibility are key to attracting and retaining top talent.  

Today, employees are no longer tolerant of being overworked and overstressed. According to SHRM Research Institute, nearly half (45%) of US workers are feeling burned out more often than before the pandemic. One of the top reasons employees say they are looking for opportunities elsewhere is a better work/life balance. 

Effective communication is key to reducing employee frustration and fatigue. 

We spend a lot of time in meetings, on the phone, and answering e-mails in the modern workplace. This can be mentally and emotionally draining, which calls for employers to find effective ways to deliver information. Virtual meetings should incorporate more personal in-person communication techniques. Human connection and communication are crucial to building strong relationships, and today's most successful companies understand how critical this is. 

A positive workplace culture creates resiliency. 

The pandemic has caused a great divide in the workplace. As a result of social distancing and isolating remote work situations, employees feel more disconnected from the company culture. This can lead to less productivity and higher turnover. Many managers struggle with leading a remote or hybrid team. Gallup found that 72% of supervisors would prefer that all their subordinates work at the office. These results highlight the skills gap and lack of comfort these supervisors have in navigating a non-traditional workplace environment that constantly changes. A strong organizational culture correlates with effective people management. 

Emotional Intelligence is critical to organizational success in a new work environment. 

The pandemic has dramatically changed the workplace, for better or worse. Bad bosses and toxic environments are no longer acceptable to employees today. In a recent survey shared in the SHRM labs report, more than half of employees who quit their jobs did so because of troubled relationships with their managers. Managers must lead with empathy, intentionality, and vulnerability. Managers must learn to adjust their leadership style to foster deeper connections based on trust 

Shifting between remote, hybrid, and in-person work environments, many businesses struggle to cultivate natural communication that allows for establishing trust and authentic connections between team members.

However, the ion Peer-Learning Platform is designed to solve this issue. We have helped global clients initiate culture shifts in teams meeting in virtual and traditional workspaces.   

We enable fast-growing companies to implement training programs with peer learning at scale and course creation, revolutionizing the corporate learning experience. Peer learning allows employees to foster genuine communication in small groups, which is the key to building trust and empathy. Ultimately, this leads to a more positive workplace culture, higher employee retention, and happier employees. 

The workplace is shifting quickly. Are you keeping up?

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