We want to see a world where
every human is seen, heard, and valued.


We will transform the way learning and human connection happen at work, drive inclusive cultural practices and behavioral change, and ignite everyone’s ability to innovate and collaborate.

Our team

Shavon Lindley CEO, ion Learning
Shavon Lindley 2, CEO ion Learning

Shavon Lindley

CEO & Co-Founder

Shavon Lindley CEO, ion Learning
Shavon Lindley

is the CEO and Co-Founder of ion Learning, the only digital learning experience designed for large-scale cultural change. Before that, Shavon was on the verge of burnout as a top producing financial advisor and Branch Manager at a financial planning firm where she was also the host of the “The CEO Show” on ESPN Radio. There she interviewed over 150 executives and discovered how to blend her personal and professional life while growing in a career as an authentic and diverse leader. The skills developed inspired her to create leadership development and mentoring programs, Women Evolution and Inclusion 360°, that are being implemented at companies such as Ancestry, CBRE, and Regeneron.

Christina Asbaty 1, COO ion Learning
Christina Asbaty 2, COO ion Learning

Christina Asbaty

COO & Co-Founder

Dr Paul Minifee 1, VP of Learning, ion Learning
Dr Paul Minifee 2, VP of Learning, ion Learning

Dr. Paul Minifee

VP of Learning

Kaari Casey 1, VP of CX, ion Learning
Kaari 2-1

Kaari Casey

VP of Client Experience

Rafa Fernanz 1, Director of Cinematography, ion Learning
Rafa Fernanz 2, Director of Cinematography, ion Learning

Rafa Fernanz

Director of Cinematography

Lisa Turner 1, ion Learning
Lisa Turner 2, ion Learning

Lisa Turner

Instructional Designer

Brett McLoughlin 1, ion Learning
Brett McLoughlin 2, ion Learning

Brett Mcloughlin

Motion Graphic Designer

Larry Barker 1, Sr Engineer-1
Larry Barker 1, Sr Engineer, ion Learning

Larry Barker

Senior Engineer


Kristina Bentle

VP of Marketing

The Power of Peer-Learning

Discover 3 ways peer-learning radically changed the culture of a fast-growing biotech company. Get inspired by how you can improve your training programs like never before.

Executive Summary - peer-learning-small

ion Learning Research Study 2020, n=103

Discover how small group
discussions impact
radical change!