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What makes
ion different

ion offers step-by-step guidance to easily create, manage, and measure results designed for high impact learning that sticks.


Expert Guidance

We are a renowned team of thought leaders who leverage neuroscience, social psychology, and industry research in everything we design.

Easy Technology

Technology That Makes Everything Easier

One person using our platform can serve 5000 leaders. It’s simple to create, manage, and demonstrate impact with metrics you care about and ROI you can see and feel. 

Value Time

Process that Values Your Time

We become an extension of your team, and with our proven step-by-step framework and continuous support we alleviate the administrative burden.

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Develop Leadership Skills, the top skill required for the future of work.

Your people are leaving because managers aren't adequately equipped to help them realize their full impact. Find out how learning journeys that develop inclusive, purpose-led leaders will get your teams excited for work in the morning.

Organize Diverse Peer Groups to ignite productivity and creativity.

Your ability to innovate in this economy is at risk without enough diversity of thought on your teams. Learn how creating a collaborative space online helps bring the best ideas forward so you can stay ahead.

Social learning scales lasting behavior change.

Creating an engaging online learning experience that sticks is difficult. Learn how the unique ion framework and platform creates that deep human connection you crave from in-person experiences and pairs it with convenient learning in the flow of work.

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I found ion Learning to be an outstanding methodology for learning. The ability to complete an online module, then come together with my team to discuss questions and experiences was extremely helpful In reinforcing the content and committing to changes In behavior.”

Karen Settlemeyer
Director of Commercial Learning & Development

This program was fantastic, a feeling of vulnerability at the start but overall a great program. The fact that you have a small group, allowed you to really open up and share stories with each other. I'm a better person in this company having gone through Inclusion 360°.” 

Josh Lujan
General Manager

I thought I was an open-minded leader before, but I feel this program has given me the “a-ha” moments and tools to become a more influential leader."

Suzanne Harmon
Global Governance

Through this program and our mentoring group, I have been able to look at my leadership through a different lens and now have the tools to take my leadership to the next level.”

Scott Roby
SVP of Operations

I feel very confident and have learned a lot from other people's experience.”

Piyashi Bhattacharyya
Supply Chain Analytics Manager​

There are few programs that really get you thinking how you can be personally accountable for making connections and having more meaningful professional relationships. I absolutely enjoyed the program, the process and my mentoring family. The platform is easy to use, and I thought the discussion questions were a great kick start to our sessions. It's great to participate in a program that gets you thinking in new ways!.”

Deborah Reid
Executive Director of Commercial Training and Development​

Great program for even the most seasoned managers! I would recommend that anyone wanting to be a better manager take this and really open yourself up to your team. This will help you grow professionally and personally.”

Moises Ambriz
General Manager