Transforming workplace culture starts with you

We're hiring! Since launching ion's platform in 2018, we have been growing our team rapidly and thoughtfully. We ensure each team member adds something unique to our culture.

Together, we are on a mission to transform the way millions of people learn and connect at work. It's our aim to drive lasting impactful behavior change.

Are you passionate about advancing workplace cultures? Are you excited about helping to shift companies from using conventional wisdom to an unparalleled science-based learning system? Take a look at our career opportunities!

A workplace that works for you & everyone

Is this you?

  • Enjoy and welcome change

  • Personal development and self-care are top priorities

  • You value and support diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • Creativity flows with ease

  • Seek, receive, and give feedback daily

  • Ask powerful questions

  • Manage and measure outcomes
  • Patient and persistent
  • Empathic and calm in the face of fire
  • Intellectually curious
  • Active problem-solver
  • Pure ambition to want to make things better than they were yesterday


This is ion


Yes you can do meaningful work and be well
compensated at the same time. Below are a few of
the growing list of benefits everyone at all levels
receives when they are a part of the team.

Remote Work

Remote work

We've been virtual since Day 1. You can work anywhere in the US.

Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO

Time off when you need it, whenever you need it.

Modern Health

Modern Health

Generous benefits package including medical, dental, and vision.



You are critical to our mission and should share in our profits.

Learning Budget

Learning Budget

Your continuous personal development is key to our success.



Having fun is what brings us together no matter how far apart we live.

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