Applied EQ

EQ skills help employees create psychologically safe teams and work environments that can lead more inclusive workplaces.

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Create Psychologically Safe Teams

By teaching the most critical power skill used across industries: Emotional Intelligence or "EQ", learners will gain a greater understanding of the impact of emotions. Studies show that learning how to apply EQ skills in the workplace help employees “create psychologically safe teams and work environments that can lead to more inclusive workplaces.”

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What to Expect


Mastering these power skills enables team members to identify and manage emotions in ways that optimize emotional health and connection.


Learners develop an understanding of how emotions impact them and how to use self-awareness to gain a deeper understanding of their own emotions.


Composure, emotional regulation, and self-awareness are key powerskills of a strong and resilient workplace culture.

Taught by Experts in Their Field

ion's Applied EQ is led by Dr Paul Minifee, VP of Learning at ion learning and Dr. Reanna Ursin, a Diversity-Equity-Inclusion practitioner in Atlanta, Georgia. Together, this dynamic team will guide learners along a powerful journey using the latest research in social, behavioral, and organizational psychology. Applied EQ introduces the fundamental dimensions of Emotional Intelligence.