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Inclusion 360°

Instills the critical 6 skills required to become an inclusive leader.

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Become a Change Agent

ion’s Inclusion 360° course will take you from being aware of your biases to a change agent for inclusion. Your 6-module journey will  include insight into the neuroscience of inclusion and give you tools to put an inclusive culture into action. With topics ranging from Emotional Intelligence and Storytelling to Unconscious Bias this course will give you a deep dive into inclusivity and belonging that transcends beyond race, gender, sexual orientation or disability toward thinking with an open mindset.


What to Expect


Learners complete the course within a social peer-learning group which creates engagement and accountability

Measurable Growth

Course success is evaluated by the Global Diversity Survey® and BrainStates® Assessment Profile

On Your Schedule

90 day or 6-month program timelines designed to fit into the cadence of your organization

Taught by Experts in Their Field

Our 8 world-class instructors and guides will etch these topics into your long-term memory with engaging case studies and unique applications leveraging the head, heart and hands model woven throughout every module.