4 Surprising Things you Need to Know About the Great Resignation

1. Take a breather

As a Human Resources professional you have a lot on your plate. Over the past two years, you have been thrown into the deep end and expected to swim. Your team is rightfully concerned about losing talent and finding suitable replacements. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and remember that the tools and support you need are all available, you just need to find them. 

2. Human connection is critical to everyone right now, even you 

As you continue to face new challenges, make sure you are reaching out to a mentor or a professional therapist for support. Yes, we are living in unprecedented times, but there are many tools available that can be applied to almost any situation. Make sure you find ways to keep human connections active in your life. When we have strong support systems, we thrive. 


3. Sometimes you do not have all the answers and that is okay 

This is another reason human connection is so critical right now. When faced with a difficult situation, you may not know all the answers. Therefore, learning and surrounding ourselves with other smart people are so important. Forbes, even goes delves into detail about building “relationship capital,” meaning building relationships now will help you solve problems later.  


4. Distributed teams must communicate and build relationships. Now more than ever. 

Considering the reasons listed here, building stronger relationships is beneficial for everyone in your organization. But how do you do this across a distributed organization? How about with a hybrid workforce? The answer is ion’s Peer Learning Experience Platform. So many businesses (especially fast-growing ones) are struggling right now to find a solution to growing human connections. Using cohort learning (also known as peer-learning) allows individuals to interact and build relationships.

With the ion Platform you can implement small group peer-learning at scale across virtual and hybrid remote teams. Using this strategy, you can create culture shifts and help your workforce build much needed relationships.  


Discover how ion can help you scale your training initiatives more effectively. 

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