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Women Evolution

Creating the next generation of female leaders by teaching women the skills they need to be confident, engaged, and equipped in the workplace.

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Exude Executive Presence

ion’s Women Evolution course will thoroughly instill within you the 6 critical skills executive women attribute to their success. Your 6-module journey will include exclusive insight from some of the country’s top female executives and leaders. With topics ranging from Owning Your Voice and Emotions to Navigating Complicated Conversations and Relationships, this course will reveal essential strategies needed to take control of your career and activate your authentic leadership potential.
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Learners complete the course within a social peer-learning group which creates engagement and accountability

Measurable Growth

Course success is evaluated by the Women Evolution High Potential Index©

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90 day or 6-month program timelines designed to fit into the cadence of your organization

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Our world-class mentors and guides extract 25 years of lessons learned so they can be imprinted in your mind today.